Ancient Irish Bog Oak keychain

Ancient Irish Bog Oak keychain


Product Description

This may look like just a keychain. But it is a genuine piece of Irish bog oak dated back from between 4,000 to 6,000 years old. It is made by James Carroll of STICKMAN from Glenealy, Wicklow.

The colour is black, this is because the wood has absorbed the tannins from the boggy water.

Bog Oak is ‘pre-petrified’ wood that has been prevented from decaying for thousands of years.

James says:

“One evening I was traveling across a bog road in Co Westmeath. I stopped and asked two men fixing a tractor at the side of the road if they knew of any Bog Oak around. One looked at the other and asked ‘Shud we take him to see de shtick?’

I was taken across the bog to view a thirty foot trunk that had recently been exposed after millenia underground.

We struck a deal and now it’s here…and made into key chains.”

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