James & Courtney

This shop is a collaboration between James and Courtney. It will feature a wide range of items, mainly men’s accessories and gifts mentioned above to some furniture and household items made by James and some second hand things we have gathered on our travels, and from auctions and here and there.

We are based in Glenealy, Wicklow, Ireland.


Hi, I’m Courtney.

Courtney Tyler blowing Jinny Jo's

I’m mad about all things quirky and odd. I used to run a shop in Temple Bar, Dublin (Ireland) where we made all kinds of usual and unique art pieces such as jewellery, accessories, and even furniture, often made with recycled or repurposed items.

Everything is always made to a very high standard, which is very important to me. There’s enough things in the world that are the same as everything else, mass-produced, unethically produced and a little boring- so the things that I make I want them to stand out.

I have downsized my busy city life and now live in the country. I grow my own organic food, milk my own goats and make everything from scratch. I am mad into food fermentation such as kombucha, kefir, sourdough and cheese. I make most of my own cosmetics from scratch such as soap and shampoo and face creams and toners.

Here’s James:


James can be a stubborn old mule and likes his privacy : therefore I’ll make up his profile : he is 7 foot tall with a shock of blonde hair, he only likes shiny things, never would need a tetanus shot as he won’t touch anything rusty. He always finishes a project. He does a mean impersonation of Ernest Borgnine.

He has no trouble making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. He loves the faded elegance of auld things. His favourite things are surfing in the sea, making things from sticks and his black labrador Poncho. He’s a keen round wood builder and green wood worker, he prefers using old traditional hand-tools to modern machinery.
Half of these things are true, I’ll let you decide which ones!